Kakemono Ghost

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RF TRANSMISSION becomes the exclusive distributor in Benelux for the Gigabits AGORA GHOST switchers and offers to its clients the quick implementation of complex multi-format networks (audio, video, data), with an easy access, without requiring necessarily a deep knowledge of IT. With its Ghost Manager software, developed especially for live applications, touring and broadcast, setting up a network of 200 interfaces becomes easy game! The Ghost Switchers accept the following formats: Ethersound™, Dante, Cobranet®, Artnet, TCP/IP remote networks. Other formats can be added to this list without modifying the hardwares.
Ghost products
RF TRANSMISSION equips its stock with 16 switchers GHOSTpi and offers a unique technical support services, from the delivery to the implementation of the most demanding systems.
To know more about the GHOST AGORA switchers : https://www.ghost-network.com

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