RF Transmission provides both high quality “all in” technical services and training sessions.

Services proposés par RF Transmission

Our equipment is specifically configured, and our experienced technicians have worked on many high-level shows: the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the Paralympics in Athens; the “All Africa Games” in Nigeria; the July 14th Military Music Show at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, featuring more than 100 systems simultaneously, which we’ve covered since 2000; and huge operas in China, Argentina, South Africa and across Europe…

Our guarantee is based on the experience we’ve acquired during more than 15 years of rental and implementation for both simple and complex national and international installations for operas, the theatre, dance, events, sports or television.





HF Traning sessions

For the past few years, we’ve offered “HF Internships”.
We don’t explain the inner workings of transmitters or receivers, but we do talk about how to work with them.
We briefly go over the basics and main introductory
theories necessary to understand an HF system and its weak points.
Then, we go through practical cases, such as going from the HF line to multi-frequency systems and multi-diversity, to how to establish a channel plan, to whether to place microphones on someone’s forehead or in their hair…

Our training is based on practical experience, and is geared towards experienced technicians or sound recordists; a minimum skill level is required.

Our traning sessions are reserved for “institutional” clients and audio scools, not for business companies.

Information about traning sessions

> Number of participant per session:

• Min. 6 persons

• Max. 12 persons

> Princes:

Please, contact our office !