R.F. TRANSMISSION’s latest technical challenge becomes crowning glory


May 15


This event certainly did not go unnoticed!


Airing in a continuous loop on televisions worldwide, the crowning of the Netherlands’ new king enabled R.F. TRANSMISSION to showcase its latest acquisitions and technical developments.


By the end of the day, Amsterdam was in full party mode. For the King and Queen Maxima’s closing celebration, authorities had organized a small voyage on the water to the renowned Amsterdam port. The Royal cortege followed an itinerary marked by many boats and barges upon which Dutch artists performed one at a time.



The various boats and barges each featured mobile sound studios equipped with microphones for the hosts and singers, along with headsets and in-ear monitoring for the choir members – everything necessary for the many artistic performances. In total, 28 extra frequencies were used, all relayed by double Shure transmitters that sent amplified signals to the central control room located at the foot of the Passenger Terminal of Amsterdam.


Coverage areas ranged from 400 to 1800 meters, across 180°.  Because the furthest points were obstructed by several six-storey buildings, high-gain directional antennas were installed on the roof of the Movenpick Hotel, while the other points were covered by fractal optic antennas (developed by R.F. TRANSMISSION) and placed on the Passenger Terminal of Amsterdam’s terrace.

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Thanks to fibre optics, the RF signal, transformed into an optic signal, came down without any loss to the foot of the buildings where DutchView’s OB van was based.

20130430_102447      20130430_102504      20130430_102426

Once there, the optic signals were once more transformed into radio-electric signals, and were fed into a Diversity antenna Matrix Switcher, which allowed Bernard Scyeur (CEO of R.F. TRANSMISSION) to select and even combine antenna signals when necessary.



Powered receivers of this kind should be as good as regular antenna systems, while offering the same level of performance in redundance.


SHURE’s new AXIENT system was a logical choice, thanks to its unique frequency diversity feature, which offers an automatic redundance and is totally transparent in sound quality – it’s user-friendly and provides peace of mind for the sound engineers behind the faders.

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We could not imagine working in these conditions without this phenomenal combination of leading-edge technology and know-how.

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