Brand Shure
Date 06/05/2013

Unparalleled audio quality by combining the most advanced analog and digital audio technology to deliver low system noise, flat frequency response and the widest available dynamic range.
World-class RF performance with extremely wide RF dynamic range and precision selectivity.

Wideband tuning
Expansive tuning bandwidth of up to 228 MHz—equal to 4 transmitter bands.
Simplifies receiver inventories—a single receiver covers the entire US TV band.
Interference Detection & Avoidance automatically detects interference and moves signal to a clear, compatible channel in a fraction of a second.
Frequency Diversity mode
Ensures seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical transmitters in extreme RF settings.
Receives audio from a single source on 2 independent frequencies.
Uses signal from both frequencies to provide optimized audio on a single channel.
UHF-R compatibility ensures support for all features and functionality of UHF-R transmitters.

RF signal cascade connects up to 5 receivers using 1 RF signal source.
2 Ethernet ports allow convenient computer and ShowLink® Access Point connection.
IEC in/out power ports enable daisy-chaining of AC power.
AES3 digital audio output can be used simultaneously with XLR and 1/4″ analog audio outputs.

ShowLink® Remote Control
Comprehensive real-time remote control of all transmitter parameters.
Remote gain adjustability: Remotely adjust a performer’s transmitter gain in real time.
Remote frequency change: Execute a synchronized frequency change with a linked receiver in a split second.
Remote RF Mute: Conserves power and RF spectrum.

> Compatible AXT100, AXT200, UR1, UR2