Brand Shure
Date 26/04/2013

Ultra-linear RF performance maximizes available channel capacity in challenging RF environments.
IR Sync establishes connection of transmitter to receiver with one touch over infrared.
Switchable 10/50mW RF power levels to extend run times or increase signal strength.
Up to 80 MHZ tuning range matched to UHF-R transmitter ranges.

Strong, durable, and lightweight metal case with compact design built for professional use.
Moisture-resistant to withstand the demands of extreme performances, weather or wardrobe.
Lockable user interface prevents accidental or inadvertent changes to system controls once settings are made.
Advanced control menu to adjust frequency, audio and security settings from the transmitter.
Removable antenna protects in staging, storage and transit; replaceable in event of damage.
High-quality backlit display provides clear view and control of all transmitter functions in low- or bright-light environments.

Power Management
Advanced lithium-ion batteries provide reliable, rechargeable power with up to 8 hours of run time.
Real-time metering reports remaining battery power in hours and minutes on transmitters, receivers and WWB6 to within 15-minutes’ accuracy.
Zero memory effect through lithium-ion chemistry eliminates the memory effect problems inherent inprevious generations of rechargeable batteries.
Rapid charging brings batteries to 50% capacity within 1 hour.
Integrated battery design seamlessly and securely locks the rechargeable battery into transmitter body.
Interchangeable 3-AA back-up sled for use as an additional powering option.

ShowLink® Remote Control
Comprehensive real-time remote control of all transmitter parameters.
Remote gain adjustability: Remotely adjust a performer’s transmitter gain in real time.
Remote frequency change: Execute a synchronized frequency change with a linked receiver in a split second.
Remote RF Mute: Conserves power and RF spectrum.

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