Brand Broady Solutions
Date 02/09/2014

ATH-200 is an hybrid transmission station for one or two carrier allowing transport of transmission signal to remote antennas through optical fiber. Wireless monitoring and intercom (IFB, IEM, Phonak) coverage can be extended regardless of distance and venue outlines (multi-area).

Each input transmission signal is dispatched directly to a coax output for nearby areas and are combined to one or two optical outputs connected to remote antenna boxes AFB350.

Bandwidth : 100 MHz – 1GHz
Input Power : Min. 50 mW, Max. 500 mW
Direct RF In/Out Power Loss : 2 dB Typ.
RF Inputs : 2 x BNC 50 ohms
Direct RF Outputs : 2 x BNC 50 ohms
Optical Outputs : 1 x Neutrik OpticalCon Duo APC 1310nm
(2nd OpticalCon optional)
Power : 220V
Dimensions : 435 x 250 x 43 mm
Weight : 3,1 Kg